Zuppa di Pesce

“Zuppa di pesce” means simply fish soup. It is a tasty and very traditional dish that belongs to the cuisine of the poorest. Once, fish soup was made by using offal or other fish wastes; Today, fresh fish and seafood are preferred. According to the tradition, this soup is served very warm and watery with big chunks of fish sunk in its gravy.

The fish utilized comes from the Mediterranean sea, like squids, cods, red mullet, anchors, sardines, prawns, mussels, shrimps. Some chopped parsley, olive oil, and a hint of garlic are usually added to exalt the delicate savour of the soup. Finally, one fresh chili pepper and some few tomatoes give the soup its appealing reddish colour.

Very popular and appreciated, this soup is said to taste like the sea. The reality is that its delicate and appetizing savour is quite unique and difficult to explain. Simply, taste it: if you like fish, you won’t be disappointed by this dish. Before your fish soup, taste one of our seafood appetizer like “Calamari”, “Capesante, or “Vongole”.

Being a soup of fish, fish soup pairs perfectly with any medium body white wines, like out Pinot Grigio Sant’Elena 2014; with dry white wines and champagne; and, according to some experts, also with any rosé wines. Choose a fruity wine without strong tannins that completes the tastiness of this soup, and serve it fresh (8 -10°C).