Zuppa di funghi

Our “Zuppa di funghi” (in English, mushroom soup) is made with white mushrooms, cream, parsley and truffle essence. The spicy flavour of truffles perfectly pairs with the delicate taste of white mushrooms in this dish that has many of the flavours of the Italian forest in September.

Fresh truffles are not always available on the market. Luckily, it is possible to replace them with truffle essence, a natural product obtained directly by truffles with the same chemicals found in white and black fresh truffles that give off their fragrant smell and flavour.

Mushrooms are quite common in a mountainous country like Italy and, not surprisingly, every Italian region, county and town has its own recipe of “Zuppa di Funghi”. White mushrooms are not the only kind of mushrooms that are utilized in Italy in order to make soups. Porcini and other (but less valued) types of mushrooms are massively utilized for this purpose.

Mushroom soup is a starter that pairs very well with any main course of beef.

Coming to wine pairings, the fundamental rule to keep in mind is that wine could cover the spicy flavour of truffles. Thus, it is necessary to choose wines that are not too flavoured or acid, with low tannins. Among white wines, we suggest “Verdicchio”, “Bianco di Custoza”; among red wines, “Pinot nero”, “Riesling”.