Xmas Menu

PocoLoco’s Christmas dinner

Christmas is a special day almost everywhere in the world. This is the reason why this year we will do an extra effort to make our customers happy by serving a special menu for dinner on this date. In this way, we will honour our promise to promote the best of the Italian cuisine.

The menu, which has been carefully though by our chef, starts with ham with pear and apple compote [link], a delicious sweet and sour appetizer. We go on with some handmade pasta in Boston Lobster bisque sauce,  a seafood dish full of Mediterranean fragrances, before serving a very traditional Christmas speciality as the main course:  baked capon stuffed with Chorizo, white beans and herbs. A slice of Alaska will close with a sweet and happy note our Christmas dinner.

Our canteen is naturally open to you with its selection of valued Italian wines. You will find detailed suggestions on how to pair each dish in the menu on the individual descriptions. No matter whether you wish to accompany your food with a red or a white wine; in PocoLoco, we are always able to give you the right pairing. Just ask our staff for advice.

According to the purest Italian tradition, we will serve you a cup of warm and black espresso at the end of the dinner. If you prefer something stronger, remember that we have a selection of Italian extra quality liqueurs, like Grappa (a white liqueur vaguely similar to Vodka) and Limoncello (a lemon flavour liqueur).