Our Wines

There is no game without pain, and there is no Italian food without Italian wine. Wine accompanies and complements food to the point that eating Italian food without drinking some Italian wine is like eating a cake without sugar.

This is the reason why in Pocoloco we have put on the list a small collection of Italian wines. We chose these specific wines because they are well-representative not only of the Italian wine tradition but also of the Italian regions and tastes.

In the descriptions of our dishes, some specific indications are given about which wine pairs better with the dish concerned.


Our red wines

Among red wines, Chianti is probably the most well-known Italian wine abroad. Originating from Tuscany, Chianti is a red wine with medium body obtained from grapes of the variety “San Giovese” that must be rigorously farmed on hilly terrains. Its bouquet is fruity with soft tannins. It pairs perfectly with the meat.

Chianti  “Tenuta Sette Ponti”, Tuscany DOCG 2014 (Ang Mo Kio and Jurong outlet)


Another great Tuscan wine is Montepulciano, a full-body red wine with intense yet round tannins, strong personality and cherishes fragrances. It takes its name from the homonymous ancient town that is not far from Florence. Great with venison, white and red meat.

Vino Nobile di Montepulciano Carpineto, Tuscany, DOCG 2011 (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Barbera is a lightly acid sparkling red wine originating from Piedmont. Its name alludes to the small layer of thick white foam that Barbera forms when it is poured into a glass.  The great poet Carducci dedicated a small poem to this popular wine which is much beloved by artists.

Barbera D’Asti Michele Chiarlo, Piedmont, DOCG 2013 (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Considered as one of the best Italian wines, Nebbiolo is an ancient and noble still red wine originating from the area of Langhe, in Southern Piedmont. It has a low level of acidity, round tannins, medium-body, and strong personality. It is famous for being very well-balanced in all its elements (colour, body, taste, flavours, smells, acidity).

Nebbiolo Dardi Le Rose, Piedmont, DOCG 2010 (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Amarone della valpolicella is a special red wine produced with dried grapes in the area near Verona, in Veneto, a region of northern Italy. It is a ripe and full bodied wine very little acid with an alcohol content around 15 %. Suggested pairings are cure meats, cheese, risotto.

Amarone Brigalda (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


This red wine Morellino di Scansano is getting increasingly popular because of its dry and gently tannic aftertaste and its round fragrances. It is produced only in Scansano, a small town near Grosseto in Southern Tuscany. Suggested pairings are white meat, pig meat, boar meat.

Morellino di Scansano  Fattoria Mantelassi DOCG (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Our white wines

Pinot Grigio is the name of both a white wine and a variety of grape originating from Veneto and Friuli. Very similar to Chardonnay, at the point that it is also named “Pinot-Chardonnay”, Pinot Grigio has a fruity bouquet and a low level of acidity. It pairs well with pasta, seafood, fish, pork and white meats.

Pinot Grigio Sant’Elena, Friuli, DOC 2014 (Ang Mo Kio and Jurong outlet)


Sassobianco is a rare still white wine originating from Maremma, the coastal area of Tuscany. Not too acid, fragrant and fresh, it is a great pairing with cheese and white meats.

Sassobianco  Fattoria Mantellassi, Tuscany, DOC 2014 (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Chardonnay is one of the most popular varieties of crops. It is used to produce slightly sparkling white wines with a pleasant fruity bouquet. It can be lightly acid. Its area of production is mostly Veneto, Friuli and Lombardy. Today, this crop is farmed also in other Italian regions, like Apulia.

Chardonnay Tormaresca, Apulia, 2014 (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Originating from Southern Piedmont, Cortese is a slightly acid still white wine. It pairs well with appetizers, pasta, soups, seafood, soft cheeses.

Cortese Michele Chiarlo, Piedmont,  DOCG 2014 (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)



Similar to Champagne, Prosecco is a sparkling dry white wine originating from Veneto. Refreshing and pleasant to the palate, Prosecco has become the most exported Italian wine today. It is one of the ingredients of Spritz, a famous aperitif.

Prosecco Bisol, Veneto, DOC (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)


Liqueurs/digestive wines

Conclude your Italian meal sipping a little of Grappa, a kind of Italian vodka, or enjoying a glass Limoncello, a gentle lemon liqueur from Sorrento. They are both regarded as powerful digestive liqueurs. (Ang Mo Kio outlet ONLY)