Wagyu Beef at PocoLoco

By | 27th March 2017

Pan seared striploin Wagyu beef served with red wine sauce.

Nutrient and delicious, “Cotrofiletto di Wagyu scottato in padella al vino rosso” (In English, Pan seared striploin Wagyu beef served with red wine sauce) is an Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine dish that pleases the most exigent palates. Like any smart invention, the concept behind is simple. Yet, the implementation requires the ability to cook Wagyu striploin without spoiling its tender, but delicate, texture.

Red wine and red meat are one of the most traditional pairings of the Italian and French cuisine of forever. From Piedmont, a region in North Italy that is well-reputed for food and wine, it comes “Brasato al vino rosso” (it is red meat marinated and then braised in red wine for long), while in France we have Coq-au-vin (kitchen pan seared in red wine), one of the French national glories.

Wagyu is a special breed of cattle coming from Japan that is characterised by intense marbling. Its meat is tender and rich in fats. These features make Wagyu succulent and tender, which is much appreciated by gourmands all over the world.

The culinary traditions of Japan and Italy are often combined in our dishes. Enjoy our “Tagliolini al nero di seppia e ricci di mare” (in English, squid and sea urchin tagliolini). If you are looking for a special dish, maybe to celebrate an occasion, you won’t be disappointed.

Coming to wine pairing, a full body red wine is compulsory with Wagyu striploin. We suggest our Nebbiolo Dardi le Rose. Another option is Morellino di Scansano, a red wine that is getting increasingly popular because of its dry, round fragrances.

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