Valentine Dinner @ PocoLoco

Burrata e prosciutto di parma in sfoglia con pinoli e salsa olandese

Special days like Saint Valentine request special food to celebrate, especially if you plan to spend this romantic day together with the person you like. In order to give you the best chances to favourably impress, we have purposely inserted in our menu this rich and colourful appetizer that blends together many typical Italian flavours and fragrances, from the crispiness of handkerchief pasta to the unique savour of Parma ham.

What does this long name exactly mean?  Smoked Burrata is a variant of the popular homonymous cheese from Apulia that we selected because of its lightly smoky taste and fresh texture that pairs very well with the gentle saltiness of the ham. Parma ham does not need any presentation, as it is one of the best-known foods in the world. “Sfolgia”, in English handkerchief pasta, is a thin and large sheet of egg pasta that holds the ham and the Burrata and completes their strong flavours with milder notes. “Salsa olandese” is anything than else Hollandaise Sauce which serves better as completion of Parma ham than the traditional béchamel. “Pinoli”, in English pine nuts, finally add a touch of tasty extravaganza by coming up as a crunchy happy surprise to your palate.

A special occasion requires not only special food and special people like you but also special wine. Then, let’s accompany this delicious appetizer with the light aftertastes of some good prosecco, an Italian wine that is similar to Champagne. We suggest our Prosecco Bisol, or, alternatively, our Sassobianco, a still white wine with a distinctive bouquet that pairs particularly well with cheese.

Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare

Enjoy this flavourful handmade pasta dish that combines the sophisticated fragrances of sea urchins and ink squids.  “Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare” (in English, “Handmade Tagliolini with sea urchins and ink squid”) is expressly thought for sea lovers, as it masterfully merges two traditional Italian recipes, Pasta with ink squids and Pasta with sea urchins, in order to get as a result a dish that makes you taste all sea flavours on your palate.

“Tagliolini”, a thinner and more narrow version of the better-known “Tagliatelle”, is a type of Italian egg pasta long and flat that absorbs sauces very well. In PocoLoco, we make our “Tagliolini” by ourselves giving special care to get a final outcome that is both fresh and natural. Sea urchins are very appreciated shell fishes because of their unique flavour and their tender texture that has been compared to a kiss from the deep sea. They perfectly pair with the lightly crispy and savoury taste of ink squid.

In Italy, “Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare” is the first course. After, enjoy one of our second courses with fish or seafood, like our fresh fish caught of the day that comes cooked fried or grilled, as you wish.

Costine d’agnello impanate alle erbe con salsa al vino rosso

Any serious exploration of the pleasures of the Italian cuisine cannot leave aside lamb meat. Its unique flavour is exalted by the typical Mediterranean spices (mint, garlic, Rosemary), like in this traditional recipe that combines the rich taste of lamb racks with a mix of several types of aromatic herbs.

In English, the name of this meaty second course can be translated as “Breaded roasted rack of lamb in green herbs served with red wine sauce”. Red wine has always been a classical wine pairing with lamb meat. Breading, a typically Italian way to prepare food for frying and baking, adds a crispy crust that makes any food appetizing and tastier. Some popular examples of breaded foods are “Olive fritte all’ascolana” (fried breaded and stuffed olives) and “Cotoletta alla Milanese” (breaded cutlet).

There is nothing else more Mediterranean than lamb, being its meat-heavy consumed all around the Mediterranean basin, from Spain to Israel. The relaxing ambience of PocoLoco is the best location in Singapore to experience many dishes that have lamb as their main ingredient, like Cosciotto d’Agnello al Forno (roasted lamb leg) or Sella d’Agnello (lamb saddle).

What wine to choose to accompany your roasted racks? Our suggestion is pairing this delicious dish with a good red wine with medium body, like our Chianti Tenuta Sette Ponti. Another option could be another red wine from Tuscany, Morello di Montalcino.

Matcha Lava cake served with vanilla gelato

What better way to finish your meal than going green by enjoying a generous Matcha Lava Cake slice topped with some vanilla ice cream? Increasingly popular in Singapore, this dessert blends the gentle bitterness of the most traditional among Chinese drinks with the refreshing sweetness of Vanilla gelato in a well-balanced flavour palette. This makes it perfect as a possible grand finale of a dinner, or as a snack to consume in every moment of the day as well.

Able to please the tastes of children and adults, Matcha Lava Cake is appropriate for every occasion, from the celebration of some special event with the person you love to the classic Sunday afternoon with your family. We suggest that you should accompany your slice with a glass of Limoncello, a popular lemon-flavoured liqueur from Sorrento, or by drinking a cup of strong Italian espresso.

Matcha is made out of finely grounded steam-dried green tea leaves. It has conquered Singapore because of its elegant emerald colour and its bitter fragrances. In cuisine, it proves to be a highly versatile ingredient that is able to find a collocation in many recipes, mostly desserts, from croissants to macarons.

Like green tea in general, it is also appreciated as a herb in the ancient Taoist medicine. Being it full of antioxidants, Matcha helps to preserve your body during ageing. This is another great reason to taste this cake, which is not only delicious but also healthy.