Uova con asparagi bianchi, salsa olandese e prosciutto

White (or green) asparagus and eggs are such a perfect pairing that “Uova con asparagi” (In English, eggs with asparagus) has been always considered one of the most delicious yet simple dishes in the world.

In Pocoloco, we discovered that this dish becomes even more delicious by adding some salsa hollandaise and few slices of Parma ham to the basic recipe. This is the reason why we decided to put on our list a new tasty dish, “Uova con asparaghi bianchi, salsa olandese e prosciutto”, which is anything else than fried eggs accompanied with white boiled asparagus, few thin slices of Parma ham, and two spoons of hollandaise sauce.

Instead of utilizing fork and spoon, try eating your eggs with asparagus by helping yourself with some small pieces of bread, as Italians do. We won’t blame you for that! Remember that informality is PocoLoco’s slogan.

“Uova con asparagi” is the main dish. It may be accompanied by several side dishes, like our potatoes with Rosemary, rocket salad or Cesar Salad, and anticipated by a starter. Among our starters, we suggest risotto with mushrooms, as its delicate taste pairs well with the fragrancy of eggs with asparagus.