Torta croccante al cioccolato e gelato

Crunchy and colourful, “Torta croccante al cioccolato e gelato” (In English, “Chocolate Mousse crunch cake with gelato”) is a delicious dessert that gives you two of life’s great pleasures – chocolate mousse and ice cream.  This is the reason why it pleases children and adult.

Perfect for any occasion and season, “Torta croccante al cioccolato” can be enjoyed at the end of the meal, or even alone as a snack. Take a break, come to Pocoloco alone or with your family, and relax in the informal and peaceful atmosphere of our restaurant. Our Chocolate cake will be a great companion that won’t disappoint you. After conclude your break sipping a cup of Espresso, like a real Italian guy.

In PocoLoco, some others of the best Italian desserts are on the list, like the popular “Tiramisu”, the colourful “Gelato alla vaniglia con amaretti alle fragole”, and the traditional and creamy “Panna Cotta”. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the pleasure that only good food can give, come to visit us.

The standard ice cream flavour that is served with” Chocolate mousse crunch cake” with lemon but naturally it is possible to choose any of our ice cream flavours. Just ask the waiter for information.