Torta al formaggio alla vaniglia guarnita con composta di mirtilli e frutti di bosco

Sweet and refreshing, “Torta al formaggio alla vaniglia (in English, Vanilla Cheesecake) may be either  a great way to conclude your meal or a delicious snack that you can enjoy alone or with your family in any moment of the day.

In PocoLoco, we serve Vanilla Cheesecake garnished with some berry compote and decorated with a leaf of mint. This simple but delicious dish rich in flavours and fragrances is our chef’s special dessert. We put much care in preparing it, as we wish to convey to our customers all our passion for quality food in general and the Italian cuisine in particular.

“Torta al formaggio alla vaniglia” has a gummy and soft texture that is the result of the mixture of cheese and crumbled biscuits, its two main ingredients. Its taste is quite unique and sophisticated, as the sweetness of vanilla gets blended with the mild savoury taste of cheese in a very well-balanced final outcome.

You are going to find other delicious Italian desserts in our list, like the famous “Tiramisu” and “Panna Cotta”, an Italian speciality made with cream that you should really taste. For your children, we have different desserts with ice cream as their main ingredient. Ask our waiter for further information and suggestions.