“Tiramisu” (that literally means “cheer me up!”) is a very popular Italian dessert prepared with finger biscuits (in Italian, “Savoiardi”) dipped into coffee and a cream made of “mascarpone” ( a kind of soft cheese), eggs and sugar. Its top is then garnished with a thin layer of powdered cacao that greatly contributes to give to “Tiramisu” its special flavoured taste. Its texture is quite soft, like pudding.

“Tiramisu” is usually served in a rectangular or squared glass or pan and eaten cold. There are some variants of the original recipe where Marsala (a sweet liqueur from Sicily) or whipped cream are added in order to make “Tiramisù” foamier and tastier. “Savoiardi” is often replaced with other kinds of biscuits, and chocolate, Amaretto (an Italian sweet liqueur), berry, lemon, strawberry or coconut are utilized instead of coffee. PocoLoco HOT selling dessert Tiramisu

The origin is Tirmaisu is quite recent, probably this dessert was invented in the early 80ies of last century in Veneto, more precisely by Roberto Linguanotto, owner of the restaurant “le Beccherie” in Treviso. However, the paternity of “Tiramisù” is disputed still today.

A lightly sparkling wine – white or rosé  – obtained from chardonnay grapes is a good pairing with Tiramisù. It is not necessary to choose a sweet wine; dry wines are also a good choice with this delicious dessert. A suggestion could be “Asti Cinzano”, one of the most popular Italian “spumante” (“spumante” is a kind of wine very similar to Champagne).