Tagliolini neri caserecci in salsa Mentaiko

Experience how delicious a fusion of the Italian and Japanese cuisines can be in this flavourful dish that blends the delicate taste of our homemade Tagliolini flavoured with squid ink with the spiciness of Mentaiko, one of the most appreciated Japanese specialities.

Very popular in Japan, Mentaiko is there used to season spaghetti. It is obtained marinating the roe of Pollock and cod with spices and paprika. In PocoLoco, we changed spaghetti with our handmade Tagliolini flavoured with squid ink and obtained this new variant of the original Japanese recipe.

Tagliolini neri caserecci in salsa Mentaiko (in English, handmade tagliolini in Mentaiko sauce) has both the sea flavours of Mentaiko and squid ink and the hot fragrances of paprika, the main ingredient of Mentaiko. We make Tagliolini ourselves by strictly utilising fresh ingredients (flour, eggs, water, squid ink) in order to assure our guests the best quality.

This dish is a great introduction to our seafood or fish main courses, like our fresh fish  caught of the day that comes cooked fried or grilled, as you wish. Accompany this savoury dish with a glass of our white wine “Pinot grigio”, a great pairing for any type of seafood, and make your experience with Italian food really perfect.