Tagliata di Manzo

“Tagliata di manzo” (in English, “sliced steak”, but it would be better translated as “sliced roast beef”) is a  finely sliced roast beef served with few half cut fresh tomatoes and tasty leaves of rocket salad.

Pepper, flakes of parmesan, olive oil and vinegar are added to season the rocket salad and complete the savoury taste of the roast beef. The cut of meat that is usually utilized to prepare “Tagliata” is filet. Other cuts are naturally possible, on the condition that they are tender and lean. The meat must be rare and possibly a bit bloody.

“Tagliata di manzo” is a very tasty dish that PocoLoco has it on its menu. The sour and spicy savour of rocket salad  combines perfectly with the tender, juicy texture  of the roast beef, while Parmesan, a mature cheese with a  hard texture and fruity and nutty taste, comes as a pleasant and surprising variant that with its light fats alleviate our palate after the lean  texture of the roast beef. This dish is perfect for all seasons.

The origin of “Tagliata” is to be found in Tuscany, exactly in Florence. “Bistecca alla fiorentina” (Florentine steak) is a very famous and celebrated Tuscan dish that is probably the ancestor of Tagliata that seems to be its modernised version.