Spicy Pasta with Prawn

Our “Pasta coi gamberi “(in English it could be translated as “pasta with prawn and arrabiata sauce”) is spaghetti or linguine seasoned with fried prawns and “Arrabiata”, a famous Italian sauce made of tomato juice, hot chilli, garlic, parsley, olive oil,  and some grated cheese.

“Arrabbiata” sauce makes this popular dish particularly tasteful and spicy, without killing the fragrant, sea-flavoured taste of fried prawns. Colourful and savoury, “Pasta coi gamberi” is a specialty of the Italian cuisine that deserves absolutely to be tasted.

In Italian, “Arrabbiata” means literally “angry”. This curious name comes from the spiciness of the chili peppers that turns people red, as they were actually angry. Traditionally, this spicy sauce is used to season “penne”, a kind of short pasta, in the famous dish “Penne all’arrabbiata”.

Its origin is to be found in the area near Rome, where “Arrabbiata” is very popular even today. The idea of adding some prawns in order to make this dish a bit more delicate and sophisticated is recent.

Wine pairings: according to Italian wine experts, “Arrabbiata” pairs perfectly with wine pairings, a still, medium body red wine with fruity notes like Chianti or San Giovese