Sauteed Mushroom

“Funghi trifolati” (there is not any equivalent of the Italian word “trifolato” in English) is mushrooms cooked in garlic, olive oil, parsley, and then sautéed in white wine.  In Pocoloco, we serve them accompanied with rocket salad seasoned with aromatic wine vinegar.

Rocket salad has a fragrant, lightly bitter and spicy taste that perfectly pairs with the delicate and kindly earthy savour of mushrooms. Aromatic wine vinegar adds a touch of personality to this simple but delicious Italian appetizer that can introduce the meal as well as accompany any kind of cocktail.

“Trifolato” literally means “cooked like truffles”. It is a way of cooking food by putting it in a frying pan with olive oil, garlic and parsley and then frying all these ingredients on low fire. “Trifolatura” is utilized mostly with mushrooms, kidney and zucchini, sometimes even with venison.

“Funghi trifolati” is the perfect side dish for meat, especially beef or veal seasoned with truffles, as well as the right introduction to pasta and risotto seasoned with truffles or mushrooms. This dish will go well with our house white wine.