Roasted Ribeye Served with Garlic & Shallot Confit

Manzo alla griglia all’aglio e scalogno

Some dishes are universal. It is the case of roast beef, an original English dish that have gradually conquered the world because of its delicious simplicity. “Roast beef is not only a food, it is a philosophy”, the American writer Edna Ferber said. In PocoLoco, we prepare this succulent meat dish with an Italian touch, by serving it with some grilled aubergines and red /yellow peppers.  Some garlic is then added to the traditional shallot sauce that is often used to top the roast beef. Only prime beef is used, in order to assure the best in terms of quality and food safety to our customers.

The Italian version of this worldwide British success can be considered “Arrosto al Sale” (beef roasted in oven covered with salt grains), or also the traditional “Tagliata”, a piece of beef grilled and then thinly sliced. The effect is similar in both cases: the interior of the beef remains red and raw, while a thin burst crust gets formed on its exterior surface.

Some salt and grinded black pepper are enough to season your roast beef; however, the ingenuity of chefs have invented many different seasonings over centuries. One of the most famous is shallot comfiture, a variant of which – probably of French origin – is braised or grilled shallots. As a side dish, we suggest our “Rucola” (rocket salad), which has a  spicy taste that perfectly combines with the strong flavors of our roast beefs.

Roast beef can be indifferently paired with any still red wine[link] or beer. Enjoy your roast beef with your friends, while drinking one of our refreshing handcrafted draft beers in the familiar and informal atmosphere of our brewery at Jurong.