Roasted Lamb Steak

Roasted Lamb steak served with bread in anchovy, mustard, extra virgin oil sauce

Simple yet flavourful, this fragrant dish is expressly thought for lamb meat lovers. We have done our best to create a combination that exalts the lightly spicy taste of lamb steak by choosing a way of cooking that fully preserves its tender and rich texture. Some bread with anchovy and extra virgin olive oil sauce is then served as side dish, in order to complete the taste of the lamb with a salty and aromatic note.

Probably there is nothing as much typically Latin as lamb meat since it has a special place in the cuisine of every country that borders with the Mediterranean Sea, from Spain to Israel. In the Italian tradition, lamb meat is no less important:  in PocoLoco, you can enjoy several Italian dishes that have this savoury meat as their main ingredient, from crispy “Costine d’agnello gratinate”(grilled lamb ribs)to fleshy and delicious “Cosciotto di Agnello” (baked leg of lamb).  Just ask the waiter for information.

Olive oil is very common in the Italian cuisine. It has a highly distinctive smell and fragrance that makes the difference with other types of edible oils. The mention “extra virgin” means that the oil was obtained by first cold pressing and without additions. In other words, “Olio estravergine”, to say it in Italian, means a top quality oil.

What to drink with this tasty meat dish that combines some of the most characterising Italian flavours? We advise a traditional medium-body red wine, like our Chianti Tenuta Sette Ponti. Another option can be Montepulciano, a Tuscan red wine with intense tannins and cherish fragrances.