Risotto allo zafferano

Probably the most popular Italian risotto, risotto with saffron (in Italian, “Risotto allo Zafferano”) is called this way since some saffron is added at the end of cooking in order to give it its characteristic flavour and colour.

In Italy there are several versions of this dish, as other ingredients like seafood, fish, cheese, minced meat, sausages or vegetables are often added with the purpose of enriching the taste of risotto. The basic version of “Risotto allo Zafferano” is simply made with saffron and some grated parmesan that is added before serving it on the table.

In PocoLoco, we prepare the most sophisticated and delicious version of this dish, the one with seafood. The fragrant flavour of saffron combines well with the savoury, delicious taste of seafood in a final colourful outcome that in our opinion is simply perfect.

Risotto with saffron is very popular in Northern Italy, particularly in Milan and Pavia where rice is produced in big quantities in the countryside. The variant with seafood is probably more recent than the basic recipe but also more popular, as it is spread throughout the whole country with several names, like “Risotto alla Pescatora” and “Risotto alla marinara”. It’s delicate but fragrant and flavoured taste deserves its fame.

What wines pair with risotto with saffron? Choose a still or lightly sparkling white wine with a fruity bouquet and not too acid like “Vermentino”, “Pinot Bianco”, “Pinot grigio”,“Muller Thurgau”.