Risotto alle Barbabietole

The main ingredients of beetroot risotto ( in Italian “risotto alle barbabietole”), as the name suggests, are rise and beetroots that give this dish its red appearance. A tasty variant of this recipe is obtained by adding some blue cheese (traditionally they utilize the very tasty “Gorgonzola”). In such a case, we call this dish more properly “Risotto alle barbabietole e gorgonzola” ( it could be translated like: “Risotto with beetroots and blue cheese”).

In its pure version, “Risotto alle barbabietole”  has a delicate and lightly sweet taste that is obviously derived from the beetroots inside. Its texture is creamy and soft,  like any Italian risotto. The version with blue cheese is quite different, as “Gorgonzola” adds spicy, fatty tones to the risotto with a much more structured taste as final outcome. A similar taste can be also obtained simply by adding some grated Parmesan to your risotto.

The origin of “Risotto alle barbabietole” is to be found in northern Italy, the area of the country where rise and beetroots are farmed. A new variant of this recipe has been recently introduced by the most famous Italian chef, Gualtiero Marchesi.

A great occasion to taste this vivid risotto is on the festivity of San Valentino, the day of lovers, as its red colour reminds the one of the heart. Pair your “risotto alle barbabietole” with a top-quality, lightly sparkling Italian white wine, for example, “Bianco di Franciacorta”.