Risotto al Fegato d’oca

Tasty and a bit fatty, Foie Gras pairs perfectly with the mild delicacy of rise. An outstanding example is our exquisite “risotto al fegato d’oca” (in English, risotto with Foie gras).

Foie Gras is made with the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened and is one of the most famous dishes of French cuisine. Fois Gras is very popular also in Italy. It’s tender, doughy texture makes Foie Gras an ideal ingredient for risotto, as it easily gets blended with rise during cooking.

Risotto al fegato d’oca” can be served as either main dish or starter or even appetizer. The spicy taste of Foie Gras makes this risotto a very good pairing with almost any cocktail and every dish that has meat as its main ingredient. Taste your risotto with our Tagliata di Manzo, or our Guanciale di Bue or our Guanciale di maiale in order to make your experience at Pocoloco really great.

Despite its French name, “Risotto al fegato d’oca” (in English, risotto with foie gras) is not a French delicatessen, but a traditional dish of Trento, a town in Northern Italy.

Coming to wine pairing, a still white wine is the right choice with risotto. For example, our Pinot Grigio Friuli Sant Elena 2014.