Prosciutto e Melone

Ham and melon (in Italian “prosciutto e melone”) is a savoury appetizer that consists of thin slices of Parma ham combined with some slices of fresh Melon. Appearances aside, there is no contrast between the savoury taste of ham and the sweet, fruity-flavoured taste of melon; on the contrary, these two ingredients perfectly pair in an unexpected but delicious outcome.

Fresh, light and tasteful as it is, “Prosciutto e melone” is the perfect dish in a very hot day or in summer, because of the refreshing power of the watery flesh of melon.

The Italian ham that is utilized to prepare this dish is Parma ham (“prosciutoo di parma” in Italian), one of the top quality Italian products. In Italy there are two kinds of ham, “crudo” – literally it means “raw ham” – and “cotto” – that means “baked ham”. “Cotto” is very rarely utilized to prepare “prosciutto e melone”, as its taste does not pair so well with melon as Parma ham.

The variety of melon that pairs with Parma ham is the very flavoured Persian melon, or “melone di Cantalupo”, the flesh of which has a characteristic deep orange colour. Other types of melons can naturally be utilized, but the final outcome is not as good as the one that is obtained by utilizing Persian melon.

Coming to wine pairing, any white or rosé dry wine with a fruity bouquet combines perfectly with the taste of Prosicutto e melone. Some suggestions: Pinot Grigio Klodic.