PocoLoco Pizzeria: Whimsical Rainbow Pizzas in the Gloomy Underbelly of Golden Mile Tower

There is no doubt that the dingy, poorly-lit confines of Golden Mile Tower cast a shadow of depression, but recently, the new addition of PocoLoco Pizzeria and its organic rainbow-hued pizzas have sprinkled a touch of delicious magical fairydust to the forgotten shopping centre.

We can vouch for PocoLoco’s quality, the evidence is right here in our previous two raving reviews;

PocoLoco is a godsend for seekers of fine Italian cuisine who do not wish to pay through their noses for a true taste of Italy. Having already established an outlet in Ang Mo Kio and another in Jurong to cater for the everyday man’s wallet, the people behind PocoLoco had decided to set up a third outlet in the seedy underbelly of Golden Mile Tower along Beach Road, this time specializing in pizzas.
It is the location that enables the dishes to be priced so affordably. When the rent is low, the owners are able to allocate more of their budget on the quality of the ingredients imported in and keep the prices reasonable and palatable for students and working adults alike.
While PocoLoco Pizzeria focuses on pizzas, the menu does consist of a range of other Italian dishes from pasta to meat mains, and from appetizers to desserts.
The seating at PocoLoco Pizzeria is casual, with tables and chairs neatly arranged out in the open for you to take a seat wherever you like. The open-concept kitchen allows you to take a peek into the preparation of your food. Watch them fire up the shiny state-of-the-art pizza oven shipped in all the way from Italy.
The pizzas are made to order, and the dough for its crust is made fresh from scratch everyday. The type of dough varies daily depending on the whims of the chef, so on some days, you will get the regular crust while other days you may get surprised with saffron, squid ink, spinach, beetroot, seaweed and other exciting new varieties of pizza crusts.

Bacon e Funghi, $13
Bacon, mushroom, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce
The thick chunks of bacon impart a salty and smoky flavor to the pizza while the mushrooms tone that intensity down with its mild earthiness. Piled on a crust incorporated with saffron, the pizza is savory, earthy and yet delicately perfumey with the sweet honeyed essence of saffron stems.

Mentaiko, $13
Mentaiko, cream sauce, mozzarella cheese
The taste of the sea will wash over your palette as you bite into a slice of this mentaiko pizza. The melted mozzarella cheese is heavily inundated with the neon orange fish roe, releasing a creamy and salty burst of the ocean with each chew. It is aptly paired with a squid ink crust that is slightly briny with a denser texture than the usual crust.

Caprese, $20
Fresh burrata cheese, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce
The Caprese is a tried-and-tested traditional Italian pizza, well loved for its rich, creamy and cheesy flavors and textures. This pizza is priced slightly above average at PocoLoco due to the supreme quality of the cheeses piled onto its spinach crust. PocoLoco cannot afford to cut corners with subpar grade cheeses for the Caprese as its flavors are entirely derived from the cheeses itself, and the cheeses imported all the way from Italy, that have intermixed with each other as they melt down in the oven, are the main star of the dish.

Proscuito e Rucola, $15
Parma ham, rocket salad, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce
The Proscuito e Rucola was unanimously our favorite pizza of the night. The subtly sweet, bright pink beetroot crust is slathered with tomato sauce and layered with mozzarella cheese before it goes into the oven. When the cheese is still molten gold and gooey as it is taken out of the oven, a generous heaping of fresh arugula and parma ham is sprinkled over the pizza. As the cheese sets, it affixes the rocket salad and parma ham in place. Each bite yielded a smoky, salty and woody flavor from the parma ham with the evergreen, slightly bitter arugula offsetting the rich and creamy density of the cheese.

Anatra, $12
Smoked duck in cream sauce
The pasta is cooked perfectly al dente with a nice bite that wonderfully complements the luscious and decadent cream sauce infused with the salty and smoky juices of the duck meat. The slices of smoked duck are succulent and tender, a nice change up from bacon.

Pollo alla Cordon Bleu, $18
Chicken tender with parma ham, burrata cheese, parmesan cheese
The chicken tender was a tad bit dry on the inside, but the chock-load of creamy burrata cheese encased within along with the parma ham more than made up for it. The exterior of the chicken is coated with a crisp and savory layer of parmesan cheese. As our teeth sunk into the chicken cordon bleu, it was first met with a nice crunch, followed by the fleshy chicken meat, and then the molten core of melted cheese and salty parma ham.

Crème brûlée, $5
Egg custard with hard burnt caramel

The thin layer of the burnt caramel shatters easily as the spoon dredges up the thick custard-y goodness of the crème brulee. Real vanilla beans are used in this decadent dessert with no costs spared as the tiny little vanilla seeds can be seen in abundance at the bottom of the dish. The fragrant vanilla taste bloomed on the tongue through the sweet and creamy custard and marked the perfect end to a fantastic meal.

Article by FreshGrads.sg