I mean, who doesn’t love PIZZA? This new Italian pizzeria in Golden Mile Tower serves some really good and affordable pizzas as low as $9! If you find the word PocoLoco familiar, it might be from my previous food review where I reviewed their restaurant in Ang Mo Kio. Although the shop name might be similar, this branch however, specialise in home-made pizzas.

I tried 5 different pizza flavours and all of them has their own unique qualities. There are more than 10 pizza flavour for you to choose from and I’m sure you’ll be excited to try them all!

GRANCHIO PIZZA [$14] – crabmeat, tomato, cream & mozzarella cheese 

Creamy tomato sauce topped with generous amount of crab meat, this is hands down my favourite pizza out of all that I’ve tried! If you’re lucky enough to try the seaweed base, the combinations goes really well together. 

MARE [$16] – mixed seafood, mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce

I tried this dish in their pasta form before and it’s really good! Now the pizza one didn’t  disappoint me too. There’s prawn and squid spread around the pizza. Most of the times pizza fillings are very dry. This sauce filling is slightly more wet compared to the other ones but surprisingly it is really good. The moisture is just nice that it won’t cause the pizza crust to be soggy.

 PROSCUITO E RUCOLA [$15] – parma ham, rocket salad,

mozzarella cheese & tomato sauce

If you’re unsure with parma ham, it is an Italian dry-cured ham that is usually thinly sliced and served uncooked. Paired with what I describe as a medium thickness pizza base, it even out the salty-ness on the cured meat. 

BOLOGNESE PIZZA [$14] – minced beef, mozzarella cheese & truffle essence

Imagine eating a bolognese pasta but with base changed to pizza and stringy cheese on top! That’s the best way I can describe this dish. Classics never goes wrong.

 MENTAIKO [$13] – mentaiko, cream sauce & mozzarella cheese

Mentaiko has been gaining popularity in Singapore these days. Mentaiko pasta, mentaiko toast and now mentaiko pizza! Generous amount of mentaiko is spread on top of this pizza which made the flavour heavenly but slightly on the saltier side. 

 MELONE [$7] – rock melon w parma ham

Parma ham goes really well with melon. Don’t worry about the flavour combination as this is a very typical and classical way to have it together as appetisers. 

POLLO ALLA CORDON BLEU [$18] – chicken tender w parma ham,

burrata cheese & parmesan cheese 

LOVEEE IT! This dish is actually new and not available in other PocoLoco outlet. I especially like the different texture on this dish. Crispy breaded skin, moist tender chicken, with a salty cheesy parma ham and cheese filling. If you’re not into the mood of ordering pizza, I highly recommend this!

COZZE [$10] – steamed black mussel in saffron cream sauce

Fresh, juicy mussels drizzled in flavoursome saffron cream sauce. The sauce goes so well with it!


I believe everyone knows what a creme brûlée is. It is a custardy egg base, with a thin layer of crystallised sugar. One easy way to test if a creme brûlée is nicely prepared, when you knock your spoon onto the sugar layer, it should produce a crack sound. 

The creme brûlée served at PocoLoco Pizzeria has lots of vanilla beans inside! Many of the creme brûlée I tried from other cafes used vanilla essence/extract which gives a very artificial vanilla taste. Vanilla beans has many compounds in it which artificial vanilla is not able to mimic, thus, giving a all rounded flavour.


I’ve mentioned how much I liked their tiramisu in my previous review. It is light, creamy and lined with crunchy biscuit dipped in coffee mixture just before serving. Definitely worth a try.


I’m back ordering the same vanilla peach spoon-less tea because I love it so much! Especially the idea of just putting the whole package inside and the tea will automatically diffuse out.

PocoLoco Pizzeria

Address: 6001 Beach Road Golden Mile Tower B1-65/66 Singapore 199589

Operation hours: Daily | 12pm – 3pm | 6pm – 10pm

Reservations: +65 8437 3777

Website: https://pocoloco.com.sg/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PocoLocoSG/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pocolocosg/

In a nutshell, you should surely come and try out PocoLoco Pizzeria! Tell me which flavoured dough in the comments when you visit them. I’m curious to know which flavour you tried! ^^

Overall rating: 8/10

Article by Angelyn <3