Pici agli scampi

Fragrant and delicate, “Pici agli scampi” (in English, pasta with scampi) is a traditional Tuscan seafood dish that is enjoyable all year long. “Pici” is the name of a type of homemade pasta that looks like spaghetti and that is quite common in Southern Tuscany and Northern Latium (an area near Rome).

Its recipe is incredibly simple, as “Pici” is made only with flour and water. In Pocoloco, we prepare “Pici agli scampi” by searing scampi on a pan with white wine, garlic and tomato juice, while “Pici” is handmade by our chef and then boiled in abundant salted water. We season “Pici” adding the pan-seared scampi and their gravy on the top, and – voilà – one of the most delicious Italian dish is served.

Like any pasta dish, in Italy “Pici” is a starter. It pairs very well with any main dish that has fish or seafood as its main ingredient. While waiting for your “Pici”, enjoy one of our delicious seafood appetizer, like fried calamariVongole al vino bianco, or Capesante.

Coming to wine pairings, a still white wine pairs perfectly with the fragrant yet delicate taste of “Pici agli scampi”. We suggest our Pinot Grigio San’tElena 2014.