Pasta with Pesto

Pasta with Pesto, in Italian “Pasta al pesto”, is nothing else than pasta seasoned with pesto, a sauce made with basil, olive oil, mature cheese , garlic, salt and pine nuts.  Pesto has a unique, intense and slightly sour flavour that perfectly expresses the nature of its region of origin, Liguria, a land stretched between the wild mountains of the Apennines and the deep blue of the Mediterranean sea.

Being a raw sauce, which means that its ingredients are not cooked, pesto is definitively healthy, as each ingredient maintains its nutritive properties. Basil, in particular, is a herb with many healing properties, and it has been utilized as a natural drug ever since the age of the Roman Empire.

It is possible to season almost any kind of Italian pasta with pesto.  However, traditionally pesto is the topping off “Trofie”, a kind of fresh pasta from Genoa. Other kinds of pasta that are often paired with pesto are Maccheroncini, Gnocchi,  Tagliatelle and Spaghetti.

Coming to wine-pairing, any lightly acid white wine pairs with pasta with pesto. Pesto is a bit greasy, owing to the fact that it contains olive oil and cheese, and the wine’s acidity helps to clean your palate out of the intense flavours left by the fats of cheese and oil. Among white wines, choose the ones with a fruity bouquet like Pigato Della Riviera Ligure, a wine from Liguria. Other suggestions are Fiano D’Avellino, Vermentino, and, in general, any white wine obtained from sauvignon grapes.