Pasta delle Langhe

“Pasta delle Langhe” is simply fresh or dry egg pasta (“tagliatelle” or “tagliolini” are the most utilized, but other options are possible) seasoned with some truffle essence. Nothing else is necessary to prepare this great dish that is simply perfect in its bare simplicity since the exquisite but strong savour of truffles is naturally completed by the delicate taste of egg pasta.

“Langhe” is the name of the countryside around Alba, a noble and ancient town not far from Turin. The whole area is worldwide famous for its food and valued wines (the best Italian red wines like Barolo, Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Barbaresco are produced here). Truffles are one of the specialities of Langhe; a very important international truffle fair is held in Alba every year in October or November.

Once picked up, truffles are mixed with olive oil, cream, soft cheese or butter so as to obtain a sauce that is then utilized to season egg pasta. A basic but delicious pasta with truffles is also obtained simply by seasoning your “tagliatelle” with a knob of butter and some truffle grated at the time when your pasta is served.

Another dish in our menu that has truffles as the ingredient is Pasta Manzo served in our Italian restaurant.

Coming to wine pairings, choose either still white wines or not too flavoured red wines with low acidity and light tannins, like our Chianti or Pinto Grigio.