Panna Cotta

“Panna cotta” is a traditional Italian dessert made of cream, milk, gelatine and sugar. According to the traditional recipe, some raspberries or liquid chocolate combined with caramel may be poured on its top to decorate this minimalistic but delicious Italian dessert.

Recently, new ways of decorations have come up, like orange flowers, strawberries, honey and dried fruit, candied fruit, vanilla.

Panna cotta taste is delicate, very well-balanced and not excessively sweet. This dessert feels light and fresh on your palate and has a texture like jellyfish. It is the perfect completion of any meals, as it’s undecided sweet taste will clean your palate from the salty tastes left by meat and fish.

The origin of Panna cotta is to be found in the territory of “Langhe”, in Piedmont, in the beginning of the XX century. The legend says that the inventor of this dessert is a Hungarian lady that had moved there.

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