Pancetta di maiale al forno

“Pancetta di maiale al forno” (in English Roast Pork Belly) is made with the tastiest and fattest cut of pork, the belly.  In PocoLoco, we serve this simple but delicious dish seasoned with the savoury gravy that pork meat naturally releases during its baking. Some few rocket leaves and a split boiled potato are added to garnish.

The fattiest cuts of pork are three: the collar, the cheek and, obviously, the belly. They slightly differ from each one because of their flavours. The belly is the tastiest while the cheek is considered the most delicate. They are all heavily utilized in the Italian cuisine in order to prepare some of the most traditional and famous Italian dishes, like “Carbonara”, “Guanciale al forno” or “Arrabbiata”.

Pork belly has a tender and fragrant texture that must be preserved during baking. This is the reason why we cook it at low fire. At the end of the baking, we grill pork belly for few minutes in order to make its surface crusty and crispy.

“Pancetta di maiale” is the main dish. As the side dish, we suggest our spicy baked potatoes with Rosemary, or a fresh rocket salad. Coming to wine pairings, choose a red wine with a medium body, like our Chianti “Tenuta Sette Pont”, 2014.