Oven Roasted Capon Chicken

Roasted capon has always been the dish of election for Christmas Menu almost everywhere in the world because of its delicious and tender meat. In PocoLoco, we couldn’t miss the appointment with this icon of the global cuisine; for this reason, we have decided to insert in our menu this sumptuous dish – Oven roasted capon stuffed with chorizo, white beans and herbs – that summarizes the whole Mediterranean cuisine with its spiced flavors and fragrances.

In Italy, the tradition of caponised chicken has deep roots that go back to the antiquity. In the middle ages, it was a common habit for peasants gave capons as gifts to monks or other upper-class members in a sign of deference, and the capon was regarded as preferred poultry in cookbooks. From Italy, the tradition spread throughout all Europe to finally reach the United States, where it still very lively.

Chorizo is a spiced type of Spanish pork sausage that is also popular in many areas of South America. It pairs well with the delicate taste of beans, as every connoisseur of the Mexican cuisine well knows. The addition of some special herbs makes the blend more flavourful and intriguing on the palate.

What wine drinks with this posh dish? A full body red wine like our Morellino di Scansano won’t disappoint ever the most exigent customer. If you are going to order your stuffed capon for Christmas, you may break the rules once in a while by ordering a bottle of Champagne or Prosecco  as a tribute to the Italian tradition.