Ostriche con Ravanello e Salsa d’aceto

By | 11th May 2016

Ostriche con ravanello e salsa d’aceto

Suitable for any romantic occasion, “Ostriche con ravanello e salsa d’aceto” (in English, Raw Oyster with champagne vinegar and cream served with red radish on top) is a posh appetizer that gives a touch of exclusivity and sophistication to any intimate dining. Enjoy this special recipe with the person you truly love and have a beautiful experience to remember and share for a long time.

Raw oysters have always been considered a powerful aphrodisiac. They have a unique and a bit tart taste that is difficult to describe and are traditionally paired with lemon. In Pocoloco, we discovered that an alternative great pairing for oysters can be champagne vinegar and radish. In this way, we created “Ostriche con ravanello e salsa d’aceto”, a delicious dish which masterfully combines the oyster taste with the delicate spiciness of radish and the tart flavour of champagne vinegar sauce.

Raw oyster is a great introduction to any seafood dish, especially our “Risotto al Nero di seppia” (Squid Ink Risotto)  or our  “Risotto ai frutti di mare” (Seafood Risotto).  They can also be accompanied with another seafood appetizer (for example, Capesante) and become the main course.

Champagne is mandatory with “Ostriche con ravanello e salsa di aceto”. Alternatively, you can pair your oysters with our white Pinot Grigio San’t Elena (2014).

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