Ossobuco al vino bianco in salsa Gremolada

“Ossobuco al vino bianco ” (in English, veal marrowbone braised in white wine with Gremolada sauce) is an Italian specialty from Milan. In PocoLoco, we serve the classical version of this delicious dish that is garnished with a special sauce, “Gremolada”, made with lemon, garlic, tomato and parsley. Some Cauliflower puree and “Caponata” (fried eggplants with tomatoes, capers, anchovies and olives) are added as side dish in order to contrast the savoury taste of braised marrowbone with milder yet spicier  notes.

In Italian, “Ossobuco” literally means “bone with a hole”. This curious name comes to mind the fact that marrowbone is hollow. As cut of meat, “ossobuco” includes also some of the muscle wrapping the marrowbone. It looks like a big round and thick steak with a small section of a hollow bone in its centre. There are several versions of the original recipe. The one with Gremolada sauce is the most classical and traditional.

In Milan, “Ossobuco” was popular in the XVI century, when it was served during the banquets of the nobles. Traditionally it is accompanied with risotto with saffron. Anyway, any risotto goes with this tasty dish. Taste “Ossobuco” also with porcini risotto or beetroot risotto in order discover the combination that you like most.

Coming to wine, a red wine with medium body pairs perfectly with “Ossobuco”. A perfect choice is our Chianti “Tenuta Sette Ponti” [link], a valued red wine from Tuscany.