Merluzzo al forno con piselli e patate in salsa balsamica

Simple yet tasty, Merluzzo al forno (In English, baked codfish) is one of the most nourishing and fragrant fish dishes. In Pocoloco, we serve this flavorful dish seasoned with our special balsamic sauce and, according to the true tradition, accompanied with peas and mashed potatoes.

Enjoy your “Merluzzo al Forno” alone or with your family in the relaxing ambience of our Italian restaurant. Being nourishing and healthy, cod is a great food for both adults and children, and it is suitable for every occasion and season. After, conclude your meal with a cup of “Espresso”, or go on with the dessert. We suggest our delicious and refreshing ice cream that will cleanse your palate from the flavour of codfish.

Codfish has been popular in Italy since the Middle Ages. Dried and salted cod (in Italian it is called “Baccala” or “Stocafisso”) is heavily utilized in the traditional Italian cuisine even today. Some of the Italian specialties that have “Baccalà” as their main ingredient are “Baccalà mantecato” and “Stocafisso all’anconitana”, just to mention two of the most famous.

Coming to wine, a white still wine like our “Pinot grigio” is the right choice for “Merluzzo al forno”.