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Appetizer Pane – homemade bread serves with olive oil or butter Bruschetta – homemade toast with tomato salad Funghi – sautéed mushroom Gamberi – sautéed prawn with butter, garlic & lemon Calamari – deep fried squid w spicy tomato sauce Melone – rock melons with parma ham Melon – rock melons with parma ham Lasagna – layered pasta with bolognese… Read More »

Sauteed Mushroom

“Funghi trifolati” (there is not any equivalent of the Italian word “trifolato” in English) is mushrooms cooked in garlic, olive oil, parsley, and then sautéed in white wine.  In Pocoloco, we serve them accompanied with rocket salad seasoned with aromatic wine vinegar. Rocket salad has a fragrant, lightly bitter and spicy taste that perfectly pairs with the delicate… Read More »

Spicy Pasta with Prawn

Our “Pasta coi gamberi “(in English it could be translated as “pasta with prawn and arrabiata sauce”) is spaghetti or linguine seasoned with  fried prawns and “Arrabiata”, a famous Italian sauce made of tomato juice, hot chili, garlic, parsley, olive oil,  and some grated cheese. “Arrabbiata” sauce makes this popular dish particularly tasteful and spicy, without killing the… Read More »

Pasta alla bolognese

Pasta with Bolognese (in Italian language, “pasta alla bolognese”, but its  real Italian name is “pasta al ragù di carne”)is simply some  pasta seasoned with  a few spoons of Bolognese ( in Italian language, “ragù”), a sauce made with minced meat, grated parmesan, diced  carrots, onions and celery, and  tomato juice. “Pasta al ragu di carne” is one… Read More »

Beef Pasta

The complete name of this delicate and sophisticated recipe that has all flavours of the area of “Langhe” in Piedmont, a reason in the north-west of Italy, is “Pasta al ragu di manzo e tartufi”. In English, it could be translated as “pasta seasoned with veal and truffle sauce”. The type of pasta that we utilize to prepare… Read More »

Risotto with porcini mushrooms

Risotto with porcini mushrooms (in Italian “Risotto ai funghi porcini”) looks like a normal, creamy risotto with small slices or pieces of porcini mushrooms inside. It is a classic food to taste in autumn, the season with which this sophisticated Italian dish has so many colours in common which are served at PocoLoco. “Risotto” is obtained by boiling… Read More »

Pasta delle Langhe

“Pasta delle Langhe” is simply fresh or dry egg pasta (“tagliatelle” or “tagliolini” are the most utilized, but other options are possible) seasoned with some truffle essence. Nothing else is necessary to prepare this great dish that is simply perfect in its bare simplicity, since the exquisite but strong savour of truffles is naturally completed by the delicate… Read More »

Risotto al nero di seppia

Sea fragrant and delicately tasty, “Risotto al nero di seppia” (in English, Risotto with squid ink) has squid ink as its main ingredient which gives this dish its characteristic dark colour. Although very popular in Italy, “Risotto al nero di seppia” is not an original Italian recipe, as it was imported from Croatia during the period of the… Read More »

Risotto allo zafferano

Probably the most popular Italian risotto, risotto with saffron (in Italian, “Risotto allo Zafferano”) is called this way since some saffron is added at the end of cooking in order to give it its characteristic flavour and colour. In Italy there are several versions of this dish, as other ingredients like seafood, fish, cheese, minced meat, sausages or… Read More »


”Capesante” (in English, scallops) are saltwater clams. They are much appreciated by gourmands because of their delicate and slightly sweet taste. In some Italian reasons, “Capesante al forno” (in English, “Baked clams”) are a traditional dish for festivities. In Pocoloco, we serve “Capesante al forno” accompanied with capsicum puree and flavoured butter, as capsicum creates a pleasant contrast… Read More »

Insalata Rucola

Spicy and savoury, rocket salad (in Italian, “Rucola”) is a great side dish for any red meat main course. Its characteristic deeply pinnately lobed leaves with crispy and fragrant texture make “Rucola” different from other salads. Definitely a salad with personality, “Rucola” can also accompany mature cheeses like parmesan, and seafood, especially shrimps. In Pocoloco, we serve rocket… Read More »

Pasta with Pesto

Pasta with Pesto, in Italian “Pasta al pesto”, is nothing else than pasta seasoned with pesto, a sauce made with basil, olive oil, mature  cheese , garlic, salt and pine nuts.  Pesto has a unique, intense and slightly sour flavour that perfectly expresses   the nature of its region of origin, Liguria, a land stretched between the wild mountains… Read More »

Zuppa di Pesce

“Zuppa di pesce” means simply fish soup. It is a tasty and very traditional dish that belongs to the cuisine of the poorest. Once, fish soup was made by using offal or other fish wastes; Today, fresh fish and seafood are preferred. According to the tradition, this soup is served very warm and watery with big chunks of… Read More »

Caesar salad

Worldwide famous, Caesar Salad is the masterpiece of the Italian chef Cesare Cardini who emigrated in the US before the Second World War. In 1924 Cesare opened his restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, in order to avoid the restrictions of Prohibitionist. According to the legend, running out of supply the fourth of July (the independence day of the US)… Read More »

Zuppa di funghi

Our “Zuppa di funghi” (in English, mushroom soup) is made with white mushrooms, cream, parsley and truffle essence. The spicy flavour of truffles perfectly pairs with the delicate taste of white mushrooms in this dish that has many of the flavours of the Italian forest in September. Fresh truffles are not always available on the market. Luckily, it… Read More »


Probably there is nothing else better than espresso to flag a place as Italian. This thick, foamy, strongly coffee flavoured beverage has conquered the world because of its genial simplicity. And in Pocoloco, as in every Italian restaurant Singapore worthy of its name, we do our best to make it perfectly. Espresso (in Italian “caffé espresso”) is not to… Read More »

Risotto al Fegato d’oca

Tasty and a bit fatty, Foie Gras pairs perfectly with the mild delicacy of rise. An outstanding example is our exquisite “risotto al fegato d’oca” (in English, risotto with Foie gras). Foie Gras is made with the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened and is one of the most famous dishes of… Read More »

Prosciutto e melone

Ham and melon (in Italian “prosciutto e melone”) is a savoury appetizer that consists of thin slices of Parma ham combined with some slices of fresh Melon. Appearances aside, there is no contrast between the savoury taste of ham and the sweet, fruity-flavoured taste of melon; on the contrary, these two ingredients perfectly pair in an unexpected but… Read More »

Pinot Grigio Klodic

Area of Production Fruili Isonzo Terrain Stony alluvial soil Varieties Pinot Grigio 100% Production One bottle per plant Harvest By Hand Vinification The most important component of the klodic vinification process is the maceration of the grapes for thirty-six hours. After this crucial maceration period, the undergo fermentation and the must are left on the lees for six… Read More »


Welcome to PocoLoco!  Sit down, relax, and enjoy one of our delicious appetizers as you await your carefully-prepared meal.  Bruschetta is not the only Italian appetizer we serve, although it is certainly one of the most famous. We have a number of delicious appetizers ready to tempt your taste buds and prepare you for your main course.  Consider… Read More »

Calamari with spicy tomato juice

“Calamari al pomodoro piccanti” (in English:  “deep fried squids with spicy tomato juice”) is one of the most delicious and tasteful Italian appetizer that can be found in PocoLoco Menu. Crispy, fragrant and sea flavoured, fried squids pair perfectly with the savoury spiciness of tomato juice in a colourful and tasty outcome that pleases adults and children alike.… Read More »


“Tiramisu” (that literally means “cheer me up!”) is a very popular Italian dessert prepared with finger biscuits (in Italian, “Savoiardi”) dipped into coffee and a cream made of “mascarpone” ( a kind of soft cheese), eggs and sugar. Its top is then garnished with a thin layer of powdered cacao that greatly contributes to give to “Tiramisu” its… Read More »

Pasta con le Vongole

“Pasta con le vongole” means pasta seasoned with clams at PocoLoco. The kinds of pasta that are commonly utilized to prepare this delicious dish are spaghetti, “vermicelli” or “linguine”. The season is a light sauce made of clams sautéed in white wine, spices, garlic, parsley and olive oil. Tasteful and very flavoured, pasta with clams is one of… Read More »

Pasta con le Barbabietole

“Pasta con le barbabietole” (in English, beetroot noodles) is one of the most classical Italian “Tagliatelle colorate” (coloured noodles). The reddish colour of this kind of pasta is obtained simply by adding some minced beetroots to the dough of “tagliatelle”. The effect is not only visual; beetroots affect the taste of your pasta, though not so much to… Read More »


Cappuccino is a delicious Italian coffee drink that is prepared with espresso (espresso is a very concentrated coffee) mixed with hot milk and decorated on its top with milk foam or cream which PocoLoco serve to our guests Its texture is different from ordinary coffee (American or espresso). Milk foam makes your cappuccino feel much more thicker and foamy… Read More »

Panna Cotta

“Panna cotta” is a traditional Italian dessert made of cream, milk, gelatine and sugar. According to the traditional recipe, some raspberries or liquid chocolate combined with caramel may be poured on its top to decorate this minimalistic but delicious Italian dessert. Recently, new ways of decorations have come up, like orange flowers, strawberries, honey and dried fruit, candied… Read More »

Risotto alle Barbabietole

The main ingredients of beetroot risotto ( in Italian “risotto alle barbabietole”) , as the name suggests, are rise and beetroots that give this dish its red appearance. A tasty variant of this recipe is obtained by adding some blue cheese (traditionally they utilize the very tasty “Gorgonzola”). In such a case, we call this dish more properly… Read More »

Tagliata di Manzo

“Tagliata di manzo” (in English, “sliced steak”, but it would be better translated as “sliced roast beef”) is a  finely sliced roast beef  served with few half cut fresh tomatoes and tasty leaves of rocket salad. Pepper, flakes of parmesan, olive oil and vinegar are added to season the rocket salad and complete the savoury taste of the… Read More »

Nero di Seppia

  Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia aka squid ink pasta. Its’ actually pasta cooked with the ink of cuttlefish, that’s what Seppia means in Italian and Nero is black. It gives a very robust and buttery flavour that’s usually acceptable by local. Taste wise it is more on the salty side and if you don’t like salty this… Read More »

Bruschetta @ PocoLoco

Bruschetta is an Italian toast with topping, usually tomato salad. Other topping like mushroom, cheese salad and so on are also available. For those who don’t take tomato, you can really try this. Who knows you might start taking tomato from then. Come to PocoLoco to try the bruschetta


Pane – homemade bread serve with olive oil or butter Homemade Focaccia, a traditional flat bread flavoured with rosemary. Italian style, dip with extra virgin olive and balsamic vinegar. Or you can just do it with butter.

Burrata Cheese

Burrata (in Italian language “burrata”) is a fatty fresh cheese with an appearance very similar to a wicker wine bottle. Inside, it is filled with a mix of cream and “stracciatella” that is nothing other than thin rags of mozzarella. This gives “Burrata” an unusual, soft texture: the outer shell is stringy, while the inside is unexpectedly soft… Read More »

Chef Special

PocoLoco will create Chef Special dishes that are not in our menu. Check with our staffs for our Chef Special.

Wagyu Beef at PocoLoco

Pan seared striploin Wagyu beef served with red wine sauce. Nutrient and delicious, “Cotrofiletto di Wagyu scottato in padella al vino rosso” (In English, Pan seared striploin Wagyu beef served with red wine sauce) is an Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine dish that pleases the most exigent palates. Like any smart invention, the concept behind is simple. Yet, the implementation… Read More »

Roasted Lamb Steak

Roasted Lamb steak served with bread in anchovy, mustard, extra virgin oil sauce Simple yet flavourful, this fragrant dish is expressly thought for lamb meat lovers. We have done our best to create a combination that exalts the lightly spicy taste of lamb steak by choosing a way of cooking that fully preserves its tender and rich texture. Some… Read More »

Baked Alaska

What is better than this dessert with an appearance that reminds the ice and the snow to conclude Christmas dinner?  What makes the difference in Baked Alaska is the surprising contrast between the crispy and ethereal texture of its caramelized meringue top and the creamy and cold cream at of its vanilla ice cream interior. In order to… Read More »

Honey Glazed Ham

Honey glazed ham served with saffron pear and apple compote A great way to get appetizing snacks is blending sweet and sour flavours together. A classical and world-wide known application of this simple principle is Sweet and Sour Onions, a French-origin appetizer that is displayed along with the usual chips and green olives on the counters of almost… Read More »

Ossobuco al vino bianco in salsa Gremolada

“Ossobuco al vino bianco ” (in English, veal marrowbone braised in white wine with Gremolada sauce) is an Italian specialty from Milan. In Pocoloco, we serve the classical version of this delicious dish that is garnished with a special sauce, “Gremolada”, made with lemon, garlic, tomato and parsley. Some Cauliflower puree and “Caponata” (fried eggplants with tomatoes, capers,… Read More »

Sella d’agnello Arrosto ai Pistacchi

Our chef’s special “Sella d’agnello arrosto ai pistacchi” (in English, Roasted Lamb Saddle in bread crumbs and pistachio sauce) is a sophisticated meat main course with delicate flavours and pinkish, tender texture. In Pocoloco, Roasted Lamb Saddle is served seasoned with a sauce made of pistachios and bread crumbs and accompanied with some baked potato and “Caponata”, a… Read More »

Pici agli scampi

Fragrant and delicate, “Pici agli scampi” (in English, pasta with scampi) is a traditional Tuscan seafood dish that is enjoyable all year long. “Pici” is the name of a type of homemade pasta that looks like spaghetti and that is quite common in Southern Tuscany and Northern Latium (an area near Rome). Its recipe is incredibly simple, as… Read More »

Handmade seaweed pasta with crayfish

Tagliatelle all’alga marina con gamberi e pomodoro in cartoccio trasparente Another of our great week’s specials that is expressly thought for lovers of seafood and pasta combinations. This time, our delicious homemade Tagliatelle comes seasoned with seaweed, crayfish and tomato sauce and served wrapped in a scenic transparent parcel. This dish of sumptuous appearance is anything else but… Read More »

Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare

Enjoy this flavourful handmade pasta dish that combines the sophisticated fragrances of sea urchins and ink squids.  “Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare” (in English, “Handmade Tagliolini with sea urchins and ink squid”) is expressly thought for sea lovers, as it masterfully merges two traditional Italian recipes, Pasta with ink squids and Pasta… Read More »

Linguine al ragù d’anatra

One of our chef’s best specials, “Linguine al ragù d’anatra” (in English, Linguine with Duck Bolognese) is a traditional dish from Veneto.  Flavourful and sophisticated, this delicious dish is an all-season and all-occasion Italian food that is able to satisfy even the most exigent palates. Linguine (literally, “small tongues”) are a kind of egg pasta similar to spaghetti.… Read More »

Capellini all’amalfitana con aragosta

Capellini all’amalfitana con aragosta” (In English, Amalfi style spaghetti with lobster) combines the spicy fragrancy of tomato with the delicacy of lobster in a sophisticated outcome that is able to satisfy the most demanding palates. In Pocoloco, we prepare this delicious dish that has all the flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine with “Capellini”, a very thin variant of… Read More »

Cosciotto di agnello al forno con patate gratinate e salsa persillade (Chef Special)

Savoury and flagrant, roast  leg of lamb (in Italian, “Cosciotto di Angello al forno”) is a traditional meat dish very common in all the Mediterranean countries,  where it is usually consumed during weddings or at Easter. In Pocoloco, we serve this rich dish seasoned with some Persillade sauce (a sauce made with Persil, garlic, herbs and vinegar) and… Read More »

Coda alla vaccinara

“Coda alla vaccinara” (In English: stewed oxtail) is one of the most famous (and testiest) traditional Italian dish, precisely from Rome. It is prepared with oxtail, tomato juice, diced carrots and onions. The oxtail is stewed for long in the tomato juice in order to preserve its tender texture. Diced carrots and onions are added in order to… Read More »

Uni Pasta

Japanese people call it “Uni pasta” which is also known as “Sea urchin pasta” and in Italian “Tagliolini ai ricci di mare” We propose this great recipe of the Sicilian cuisine in its traditional formula: a  dish of “tagliolini” – the kind of pasta that has always been utilized with sea urchins in Italy – topped  with one… Read More »

Pork Belly

Pocoloco‘s Chef Special… Slow cooked oven roasted pork belly comes with honey sauce. Slow cooked for 6 hours. to achieved its tenderness and juiciness inside with a crispy skin outside. As to speak with the sauce ” Chef doesn’t use demi glace as most commonly do as the base, he used white wine and honey. It also comes with… Read More »