Linguine al ragù d’anatra

By | 6th May 2016

One of our chef’s best specials, “Linguine al ragù d’anatra” (in English, Linguine with Duck Bolognese) is a traditional dish from Veneto.  Flavourful and sophisticated, this delicious dish is an all-season and all-occasion Italian food that is able to satisfy even the most exigent palates.

Linguine (literally, “small tongues”) are a kind of egg pasta similar to spaghetti. The difference is that linguine is flat in section – its width is about 4 mm. An alternative name is “Bavette”, or also “Trenette”. “Linguine” absorbs sauces very well. For this reason, this kind of pasta is often seasoned with Bolognese.

Duck is deeply rooted in the Italian tradition at the point that it could be possible to write a whole cookbook of Italian recipes that have duck meat as their main ingredients. The main difference between Duck Bolognese and ordinary Bolognese is that the beef mince is obviously replaced with minced duck meat.

“Linguine al ragù d’anatra” is the first course. After, enjoy any of our delicious meat main courses, like, just to give you some suggestions, our “Cosciotto d’agnello al forno” or “Tagliata di Manzo”.


Coming to wine pairings, we suggest a red wine with medium body, like our Chianti “Tenuta sette Ponti”, 2014.

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