Lamb shank braised with Red Wine

“Stinco d’agnello al vino rosso” (in English, lamb shank braised with red wine) is one of the tastiest meat dishes of the Italian cuisine. In PocoLoco, we serve this savoury dish seasoned with its gravy and accompanied with some mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Lamb meat is delicious but difficult to cook. It is important to preserve both its texture and its special flavour, and the consistency of the meat must be kept tender and moist. This is the reason why we braise lamb shank with some red wine on low fire for a long time. Olive oil, onion, garlic, and some spices are added in order to exalt the natural flavours of lamb.

“Stinco d’agnello al vino rosso” is the main dish.  As a side dish, we suggest our baked potatoes with Rosemary. After, clean your palate from the heavy taste of lamb meat with one of our delicious desserts like Panna cotta or ice cream. And, finally, finish your meal by drinking a cup of espresso, like every Italian that deserves their names.

Coming to wine pairings, Lamb shank pairs with red wine. Choose a red wine with medium body, like our Chianti “Tenuta sette ponti vigna di Pallino” 2014.