Sella d’agnello Arrosto ai Pistacchi

By | 11th May 2016

Our chef’s special “Sella d’agnello arrosto ai pistacchi” (in English, Roasted Lamb Saddle in bread crumbs and pistachio sauce) is a sophisticated meat main course with delicate flavours and pinkish, tender texture. In Pocoloco, Roasted Lamb Saddle is served seasoned with a sauce made of pistachios and bread crumbs and accompanied with some baked potato and “Caponata”, a delicious Sicilian specialty.

Lamb meat is delicately flavourful and needs special care during baking, in order to preserve its tender and moist texture and its natural fragrances. This is the reason why we cook Lamb Saddle on low fire. Pistachios, garlic and Rosemary are the spices that best complete its delicate taste and that are more frequently used to season it.

“Caponata” is made with eggplants, olive oil, tomato juice and capers. It is a great pairing with baked or grilled lamb meat two ingredients of which Caponata exalts the delicate Mediterranean flavours.

Coming to wine pairings, a still red wine with medium body like our Chianti is excellent with this delicious dish.

Lamb meat is the main ingredient of other dishes of our list. Taste also some other of our lamb meat specialities, like, for example “Costine di agnello gratinate alla menta e al rosmarino” or “Stinco di Agnello”.

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