Insalata Rucola

Spicy and savoury, rocket salad (in Italian, “Rucola”) is a great side dish for any red meat main course. Its characteristic deeply pinnately lobed leaves with crispy and fragrant texture make “Rucola” different from other salads. Definitely a salad with personality, “Rucola” can also accompany mature cheeses like parmesan, and seafood, especially shrimps.

In PocoLoco, we serve rocket salad seasoned with a homemade sauce made with onion, mustard, sunflower oil and champagne vinegar. The round spiciness of mustard gets integrated into the strong savour of rocket salad well while champagne vinegar adds a touch of tasteful extravagance to the whole.

Enjoy your “rucola” as a side dish of one of our chef special main courses, like “Costine di agnello gratinate”, “Coda alla vaccinara”, “Guanciale di bue”, “Guanciale di maiale”, and you won’t be disappointed. The fragrance of rocket salad will naturally exalt the taste of these dishes with an outcome that expresses the best of the Italian culinary art.

Very healthy, rocket salad is a herb rich in vitamin C and folic acid, thus recommended for pregnant women. Among its natural medical properties: stimulating the appetite, purifying liver, it is a good tonic treatment, it helps digestion and relaxes.