Honey Glazed Ham

Honey glazed ham served with saffron pear and apple compote

A great way to get appetizing snacks is blending sweet and sour flavours together. A classical and world-wide known application of this simple principle is Sweet and Sour Onions, a French-origin appetizer that is displayed along with the usual chips and green olives on the counters of almost every pub. Another example is this dish that makes the salty savour of ham meet the delicate sweet tones of pear and apple compote.

“Agrodolce” – the Italian equivalent of the English “sweet and sour” – is not unknown to the Italian chefs.  A clear example of this way of cooking is a sauce that was imported in Italy by Arabs from China during the Middle Ages. It is prepared with vinegar, onions and sugar, and it is used to season Caponata, a traditional Sicilian dish made of vegetables.

Sicily gave birth to another famous Italian sweet and sour dish, Pollo al Marsala (kitchen seasoned with a sauce made out of Marsala, a sweet Italian liqueur). Another popular Italian appetizer of this kind is the simple but smart Prosciutto e Melone (ham and sliced melon). You can taste both in the relaxing atmosphere of PocoLoco.

What wine to drink with Honey Glazed Ham Served With Saffron Pear and Apple compote? Any dry white wine for appetizers will be a perfect companion for this appetizer so full of sweet and sour fragrances. We suggest our Pinot Grigio Sant’Elena. Another option can be Prosecco Bisol, a lightly sparkling white wine from Veneto that is one of the main ingredients of the celebrated Spritz.