Gelato alla vaniglia con amaretti alle fragole

The new trend in Italy is to pair ice cream with macaron. Crispy and fragrant, macarons accompany ice cream perfectly. The final outcome is a simple, but delicious dessert that pleases both adults and children. This is the reason why in Pocoloco we decided to add “Gelato alla vaniglia con amaretti alle fragole” (In English, strawberry macaron with vanilla ice cream) to our list.

Vanilla ice cream with strawberry macarons can be tasted alone or as dessert at the conclusion of your meal. It’s sweet, fruity flavoured taste cleanses your palate from the strong savoury of the dishes that have fish, meat or seafood as main ingredients. Alone, “Gelato alla vaniglia con amaretti con le fragole” is a great idea for a snack, especially for families with children that are very attracted by its vivid colour.

Ice cream has been always paired with biscuits, chocolate or macarons. If you wish, it is also possible to add some espresso or some liqueur to your dessert, in order to “affogare” (dip into the liqueur) – as they say in Italy – your ice cream. The outcome is really delicious.

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