Probably there is nothing else better than espresso to flag a place as Italian. This thick, foamy, strongly coffee flavoured beverage has conquered the world because of its genial simplicity. And in PocoLoco, as in every Italian restaurant Singapore worthy of its name, we do our best to make it perfectly.

Espresso (in Italian “caffé espresso”) is not to be confused with something like concentrated ordinary coffee, as it is necessary a special machine prepare it. Roughly speaking, it is coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.  As a consequence, espresso is much more flavoured than ordinary coffee, and it has always some foam (“schiuma”, in Italian language) on its top.

Espresso is also the base for other beverages like “caffé latte” (coffee with milk), “cappuccino”, and the famous “caffè macchiato” (it is an espresso with little milk added).

In some reasons of northern Italy it is a common habit to add some few drops of liqueur to flavour espresso. In this way, we obtain the so-called “caffè corretto”. The most common liqueurs utilised for this operation are “Grappa” and “Sambuca”, an Italian liqueur with a strong flavour of anise.

In Italy espresso is usually drunk after breakfast and lunch. Rich with caffeine as it is, espresso is a strong energizer. A cup of espresso in the morning will cheer you up and propel your day with a strong injection of energy up till evening.