Escargots with butter garlic in Pomodoro

Could you expect that slugs are the main ingredient of some of the most popular dishes from northern Italy? Probably not, but this is it. Traditionally, in people’s imaginary the Italian cuisine is associated with pasta and wine; yet, it is quite common to meet recipes with unusual or unexpected ingredients in the Italian old cookbooks.  An example is Lumache al Pomodoro (Escargots in tomato sauce), a traditional speciality from Tuscany that we propose as tasty appetizer in our menu.

Escargots meat is considered to be delicious not only in Italy but also in some countries like France because of its delicate fragrances that vaguely reminds the rich soil of a wood. In PocoLoco, we cook escargots in butter, in order to season them. In the end, the tomato sauce and some spices that are a secret of our chef are added. And, voilà, Lumache al Pomodoro are ready to be served.

Escargots must be carefully prepared several days before, in order to get a more fragrant meat and reduce the taste of earth. They are fed with special food and herbs for fortnight. Before cooking, their snails are removed, and the drool is absorbed with some polenta.

Escargots have been used in the Italian cuisine ever since the Roman Empire, and the first mention of escargots farming goes back to a manuscript of the first century A.D. They have been always appreciated for their supposed healthy properties, as their lean meats that have no fats and carbohydrates.