Cosciotto di agnello al forno con patate gratinate e salsa persillade

Savoury and flagrant, roast leg of lamb (in Italian, “Cosciotto di Angello al forno”) is a traditional meat dish very common in all the Mediterranean countries,  where it is usually consumed during weddings or at Easter.

In Pocoloco, we serve this rich dish seasoned with some Persillade sauce (a sauce made with Persil, garlic, herbs and vinegar) and accompanied with crispy gratin potatoes. The spicy taste of Persillade sauce exalts the natural fragrance of lamb in a grand finale where all flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine are present.

Lamb is not easy to cook, as its flavour could be lost. This is the reason why we bake the leg of lamb on medium temperature, in order to preserve its fragrant texture that must be maintained moist and tender during the whole process of cooking.

Roast Leg of Lamb is the main course. As a side dish, we suggest our Rocket salad or our Potatoes with Rosemary.  As a dessert, some ice cream will refresh you and cleanse your palate from the heavy taste of lamb. Conclude your meal drinking a cup of strong Espresso, like every real Italian guy.

Coming to wine pairings, any red wine with medium body – like our Chianti “Sette Ponti” 2014  – is perfect with “Cosciotto di agnello arrosto”.