Coppa di maiale scottata in padella con aglio e scalogno

Pan-seared pork collar with garlic and shallots (in Italian, “Coppa di maiale scottata in padella con aglio e scalogno”) is a tasty main course that combines the spicy flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine with the savoury taste of pork. In Pocoloco, this delicious dish is served accompanied with cauliflower purée and baked potatoes that alleviate its spicy taste with milder notes. That is a MUST try at PocoLoco Chef Special.

Collar – “coppa”, in Italian language- is a cut of meat obtained from pig neck. Rich with fats and very tasty, Collar is utilised almost everywhere in the world. It should be slow cooked in order to allow its intramuscular fats to melt. In this way, the meat will be kept moist and tender.

Pork collar is quite popular in Italy. Heavily utilized as the main ingredient of many traditional Italian dishes, it is usually paired with garlic, onions or shallots, and mushrooms as well. When cooked and flavoured in the right way, “coppa” becomes a tender, savoury delicacy that literally melts in your palate.

Coming to wine pairings, a still and lightly acid white wine is perfect with Pan-seared pork collar with garlic and shallots, as white wine acidity cleans your palate from the strong after taste left by pork fats. Red wines are also a good pairing with this delicious dish. We suggest a red wine with medium body, like Dolcetto, Sangiovese, Gutturnio.