Coda alla vaccinara

“Coda alla vaccinara” (In English: stewed oxtail) is one of the most famous (and tastiest) traditional Italian dish, precisely from Rome. It is prepared with oxtail, tomato juice, diced carrots and onions. The oxtail is stewed for long in the tomato juice in order to preserve its tender texture. Diced carrots and onions are added in order to flavour the oxtail.

In Pocoloco, we serve “Coda alla vaccinara” seasoned with its tasty gravy and accompanied with some mashed potatoes. This delicious dish can be paired to several side dishes of our list, like potatoes with Rosemary [link], rocket salad or Cesar salad. After, a dessert like our delicious ice cream or Tiramisu will clean your palate from the strong taste of oxtail. Conclude your meal drinking a cup of strong, dark espresso, like every real Italian guy.

“Vaccinara” means butcher. In the past,“Vaccinari” were the butchers of Rome’s slaughterhouse “Testaccio” that were paid in kind with offal. By utilizing these apparently not very appetizing ingredients, their wives invented some delicious (and famous) dishes like “trippa alla romana”, “padellotto alla macellara”, and, naturally, “Coda alla vaccinara”.

Coming to wine pairings, a good red wine pairs perfectly with this dish. We suggest our Chianti Tenuta sette ponti 2014.