Chicken Cordon Bleu

The Italian cuisine is delicious, but sometimes you wish a break. If you want to enjoy a more international meal than spaghetti, pizza and macaroni, Chicken Cordon Bleu is what you need.  Crispy and rich in flavours, this popular chicken filet schnitzel filled with cheese and ham pleases adults and kids, which makes it the food of election for families.

Cordon Bleu is a collective name for a huge set of recipes that all follow the same basic pattern: a slice of meat (chicken or also veal) is wrapped around some cheese and ham, then breaded and pan-fried. The result is as crunchy as an ordinary schnitzel, but more flavourful because of the addition of the last two ingredients.

The origin of this dish is probably to be found in Switzerland, albeit Chicken Cordon Bleu was first mentioned in the New York Times in 1967 and its fortune started in the United States. Here, it grew quickly in popularity and then became one of the best-known dishes of the world.

Surprisingly, in Italy this stars-and-stripes dish has become very popular as well, at the point that it is sold in almost any Italian superstore today. And being successful in the Land of Taste is undoubtedly a great proof of quality.