Chef Special

PocoLoco will create Chef Special dishes that are not on our menu. Check with our staffs for our Chef Special.

Wagyu Beef at PocoLoco

Pan seared striploin Wagyu beef served with red wine sauce. Nutrient and delicious, “Cotrofiletto di Wagyu scottato in padella al vino rosso” (In English, Pan seared striploin Wagyu beef served with red wine sauce) is an Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine dish that pleases the most exigent palates. Like any smart invention, the concept behind is simple. Yet, the implementation… Read More »

Roasted Lamb Steak

Roasted Lamb steak served with bread in anchovy, mustard, extra virgin oil sauce Simple yet flavourful, this fragrant dish is expressly thought for lamb meat lovers. We have done our best to create a combination that exalts the lightly spicy taste of lamb steak by choosing a way of cooking that fully preserves its tender and rich texture. Some… Read More »

Baked Alaska

What is better than this dessert with an appearance that reminds the ice and the snow to conclude Christmas dinner?  What makes the difference in Baked Alaska is the surprising contrast between the crispy and ethereal texture of its caramelized meringue top and the creamy and cold cream at of its vanilla ice cream interior. In order to… Read More »

Honey Glazed Ham

Honey glazed ham served with saffron pear and apple compote A great way to get appetizing snacks is blending sweet and sour flavours together. A classical and world-wide known application of this simple principle is Sweet and Sour Onions, a French-origin appetizer that is displayed along with the usual chips and green olives on the counters of almost… Read More »

Ossobuco al vino bianco in salsa Gremolada

“Ossobuco al vino bianco ” (in English, veal marrowbone braised in white wine with Gremolada sauce) is an Italian specialty from Milan. In Pocoloco, we serve the classical version of this delicious dish that is garnished with a special sauce, “Gremolada”, made with lemon, garlic, tomato and parsley. Some Cauliflower puree and “Caponata” (fried eggplants with tomatoes, capers,… Read More »

Sella d’agnello Arrosto ai Pistacchi

Our chef’s special “Sella d’agnello arrosto ai pistacchi” (in English, Roasted Lamb Saddle in bread crumbs and pistachio sauce) is a sophisticated meat main course with delicate flavours and pinkish, tender texture. In Pocoloco, Roasted Lamb Saddle is served seasoned with a sauce made of pistachios and bread crumbs and accompanied with some baked potato and “Caponata”, a… Read More »

Pici agli scampi

Fragrant and delicate, “Pici agli scampi” (in English, pasta with scampi) is a traditional Tuscan seafood dish that is enjoyable all year long. “Pici” is the name of a type of homemade pasta that looks like spaghetti and that is quite common in Southern Tuscany and Northern Latium (an area near Rome). Its recipe is incredibly simple, as… Read More »

Handmade seaweed pasta with crayfish

Tagliatelle all’alga marina con gamberi e pomodoro in cartoccio trasparente Another of our great week’s specials that is expressly thought for lovers of seafood and pasta combinations. This time, our delicious homemade Tagliatelle comes seasoned with seaweed, crayfish and tomato sauce and served wrapped in a scenic transparent parcel. This dish of sumptuous appearance is anything else but… Read More »

Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare

Enjoy this flavourful handmade pasta dish that combines the sophisticated fragrances of sea urchins and ink squids.  “Tagliolini fatti in casa al nero di seppia e ricci di mare” (in English, “Handmade Tagliolini with sea urchins and ink squid”) is expressly thought for sea lovers, as it masterfully merges two traditional Italian recipes, Pasta with ink squids and Pasta… Read More »

Linguine al ragù d’anatra

One of our chef’s best specials, “Linguine al ragù d’anatra” (in English, Linguine with Duck Bolognese) is a traditional dish from Veneto.  Flavourful and sophisticated, this delicious dish is an all-season and all-occasion Italian food that is able to satisfy even the most exigent palates. Linguine (literally, “small tongues”) are a kind of egg pasta similar to spaghetti.… Read More »

Capellini all’amalfitana con aragosta

Capellini all’amalfitana con aragosta” (In English, Amalfi style spaghetti with lobster) combines the spicy fragrancy of tomato with the delicacy of lobster in a sophisticated outcome that is able to satisfy the most demanding palates. In Pocoloco, we prepare this delicious dish that has all the flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine with “Capellini”, a very thin variant of… Read More »

Cosciotto di agnello al forno con patate gratinate e salsa persillade (Chef Special)

Savoury and flagrant, roast  leg of lamb (in Italian, “Cosciotto di Angello al forno”) is a traditional meat dish very common in all the Mediterranean countries,  where it is usually consumed during weddings or at Easter. In Pocoloco, we serve this rich dish seasoned with some Persillade sauce (a sauce made with Persil, garlic, herbs and vinegar) and… Read More »

Coda alla vaccinara

“Coda alla vaccinara” (In English: stewed oxtail) is one of the most famous (and testiest) traditional Italian dish, precisely from Rome. It is prepared with oxtail, tomato juice, diced carrots and onions. The oxtail is stewed for long in the tomato juice in order to preserve its tender texture. Diced carrots and onions are added in order to… Read More »

Uni Pasta

Japanese people call it “Uni pasta” which is also known as “Sea urchin pasta” and in Italian “Tagliolini ai ricci di mare” We propose this great recipe of the Sicilian cuisine in its traditional formula: a  dish of “tagliolini” – the kind of pasta that has always been utilized with sea urchins in Italy – topped  with one… Read More »

Pork Belly

Pocoloco‘s Chef Special… Slow cooked oven roasted pork belly comes with honey sauce. Slow cooked for 6 hours. to achieved its tenderness and juiciness inside with a crispy skin outside. As to speak with the sauce ” Chef doesn’t use demi glace as most commonly do as the base, he used white wine and honey. It also comes with… Read More »