Welcome to PocoLoco!  Sit down, relax, and enjoy one of our delicious appetizers as you await your carefully-prepared meal.  Bruschetta is not the only Italian appetizer we serve, although it is certainly one of the most famous.

We have a number of delicious appetizers ready to tempt your taste buds and prepare you for your main course.  Consider our extraordinary Carpaccio.  This well-known Italian appetizer consists of thinly sliced layers of raw or barely cooked meat or fish, usually served with a vinaigrette or truffle sauce.

Carpaccio is a dish with an interesting story.  Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry’s Bar in Venice, Italy, is credited with creating Carpaccio for a countess, after he heard her doctor ordered her to eat raw meat for her health. Cipriani took his inspiration from an Italian recipe originating in the Piedmont region.  Cipriani’s version included raw beef served with lemon, olive oil, truffle, and Parmesan cheese. Cipriani named his creation after the Renaissance painter, Vittore Carpaccio, because the red meat reminded Cipriani of the colour found in Carpaccio’s paintings.  This is how a legendary appetizer was born!

You will fall in love with PocoLoco’s delicate slices of Beef Tenderloin and Truffle Essence.   At PocoLoco, your appetite is in good hands.  Buon appetito!