Cappuccino is a delicious Italian coffee drink that is prepared with espresso (espresso is a very concentrated coffee) mixed with hot milk and decorated on its top with milk foam or cream which PocoLoco serve to our guests

Its texture is different from ordinary coffee (American or espresso). Milk foam makes your cappuccino feel much thicker and foamy on your palate, while its taste is decisively milder and rounder than espresso. To tell it in Italian, Cappuccino is “più dolce e morbido” (sweeter and milder) than ordinary Italian coffee.

In accordance with one’s own tastes, it is possible to add some powdered cocoa or cinnamon on its top to strengthen or sweetener your cappuccino.

Surprisingly, Cappuccino was not invented in Italy but in the old Austro Hungarian Empire. It was then imported in the Italian territories, like Trieste and Venice, that was under Austro Hungarian control two centuries ago. Finally, Cappuccino reached the rest of Italy during the 30 is of last century.

Cappuccino is called in that way as its colour reminds one of the hooded robes worn by the monks and nuns of the capuchin order.

In Italy cappuccino is usually drunk at breakfast and paired with a croissant in the very popular formula “Cappuccino e brioche” (Cappuccino and croissant).