”Capesante” (in English, scallops) are saltwater clams. They are much appreciated by gourmands because of their delicate and slightly sweet taste. In some Italian reasons, “Capesante al forno” (in English, “Baked clams”) are a traditional dish for festivities.

In PocoLoco, we serve “Capesante al forno” accompanied with capsicum puree and flavoured butter, as capsicum creates a pleasant contrast between its spicy savour and the fragrant delicacy of clams. Baked clams can be either a delicious and tasty appetizer or the accompaniment of a typical Italian cocktail like Spritz, a mix of white wine, orange flavoured liqueur (Aperol) and soda that is very popular in Italy today.

In the Italian cuisine, scallops are the main ingredient of several dishes, like Risotto with scallops. In Italian, “Capasanta” literally means “holy cloak”. The origin of this bizarre name is to be found in the circumstance that some clams were fixed on the cloaks of pilgrims going to Santiago de Compostela.

“Capesante” is also a great introduction to every seafood dish, like, for example, our “Taglioni ai ricci di mare” or “Risotto al nero di seppia”.

Coming to wine pairings, baked clams pair well with still or sparkling white wine, like out Pinot Grigio Sant’ Elena,  2014.