Capellini all’amalfitana con aragosta

By | 28th April 2016

Capellini all’amalfitana con aragosta” (In English, Amalfi style spaghetti with lobster) combines the spicy fragrancy of tomato with the delicacy of lobster in a sophisticated outcome that is able to satisfy the most demanding palates.

In Pocoloco, we prepare this delicious dish that has all the flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine with “Capellini”, a very thin variant of spaghetti (their diameter is less than 1 mm). The seasoning is made with finely chopped basil, garlic, olive oil and diced fresh tomatoes. The lobster is cooked separately in tomato juice and white wine and then added on “Capellini” with all its tasty gravy.

The original recipe comes from Amalfi, a small town located near Naples. This is the reason why the locution “Amalfi style” is utilized in the name of this dish. Being a starter, “Capellini all’amalfitana” should be followed by a main dish with fish as its main ingredient.

Sophisticated and posh, this dish is perfect to celebrate special occasions, like San Valentine and marriage anniversaries.

Coming to wine pairings, a still or – even better – lightly sparkling white wine is the perfect choice with this dish. We suggest our Pinot Grigio “Sant’Elena” 2014.

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