Calamari with spicy tomato sauce

“Calamari al pomodoro piccanti” (in English:  “deep fried squids with spicy tomato juice”) is one of the most delicious and tasteful Italian appetizer that can be found in PocoLoco Menu. Crispy, fragrant and sea flavoured, fried squids pair perfectly with the savoury spiciness of tomato juice in a colourful and tasty outcome that pleases adults and children alike.

Tasty and crispy as they are, “Calamari al Pomodoro piccanti” are naturally a great accompaniment to many cocktails like the famous Spritz (white wine, soda and Aperol, an orange-favoured liqueur). They are also a perfect introduction to any main course with fish or seafood as its main ingredients.

Calamari is very common in the Mediterranean sea. Not surprisingly, deep fried calamari are very popular in Italy and one of the ingredients of the celebrated “Frittura mista di pesce” (deep fried seafood), one of the most famous Italian seafood dishes that can be found at PocoLoco. The variant with tomato juice comes probably from Sicily, although several Italian regions like Liguria and Campania claim to be the place of origin of this delicious recipe.

Any white wine pairs with Deep fried squids with spicy tomato juice, no matter if dry, still or lightly sparkling. Rosé wine could be an option. Wine is to serve chilled (8-10 degrees). Among all the white wines, we suggest “Vermentino”, “Grecanico”, “Alcamo Chardonnay”, “Muller Thurgau”,”Malvasia”.